Exclusive Pre-order for Fall 2022

Bring Copeland's to Your Home

Copeland’s of New Orleans proudly offers its proprietary Secret Spice and other signature seasonings for sale at select Copeland’s of New Orleans locations and here on the Al Copeland Foundation website. 

As part of honoring their dad’s legacy, the Copeland family is donating all proceeds from the cookbook, proprietary seasoning/spices, hot sauce and biscuit mix sales, purchased from the Al Copeland Foundation website, to support the foundation’s mission to save lives and end cancer.  Items purchased will be shipped or available for pickup Fall 2022. The Copeland Family thanks you for joining their mission!

Al Copeland Foundation 13

“I can’t sing and I can’t dance, but the Lord sure gave me a hell of a set of taste buds.”

– Al Copeland Sr.