Our History

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Changing the Course of Cancer Care

Since 2008, we have funded scientific research that results in more years with those you love most. Through the diligent work of the LSUHSC team, the Al Copeland Foundation continues to create ways for cancer patients to experience their optimal level of health. Whether it is a Sunday crawfish boil or your daughter’s wedding, we’re working to provide a cure that makes more of those moments possible.

Everyone is different, which means the process of treating every cancer is different. 

ACF understands the importance of finding the treatment that is right for you. That’s why we’ve partnered with LSUHSC to help bring state-of-the-art genomic cancer research advancements to Louisiana. 

What are genomic testing & precision medicine?

Genomic testing is an advanced method of genetic testing that helps physicians understand how cancers spread and react to medicine, and tracks any changes that might occur. This analysis creates a genetic map of your body, which is then combined with precision medicine to determine which treatment works best for you. 

Precision medicine uses the genomic test results to ensure a particular patient’s cancer is treated correctly. Your doctor can select specific drugs targeted to your cancer’s unique genetic changes, increasing overall efficacy and decreasing unnecessary toxicity. It replaces generalized treatment with targeted doses of the right medicine at just the right time.

How Does This Help Me?

This exciting technology provides our doctors and scientists a comprehensive toolkit that gives you the best chance to defeat cancer, allowing them to:

Decrease Trauma
Deliver Faster Results
Increase Reporting & Productivity
Personalize Treatment For You
Provide up to 90% cost savings on samples
Isolate single cancer cells for in-depth diagnosis
Gauge inflammation in a tumor and how it reacts to treatment

We are proud to bring these modern advancements in personalized cancer treatment to the Gulf South. They are the first steps towards ensuring you get the best care possible specific to you! 

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