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LSU-LCMC Health Cancer Centers: Virtual Research Nurse Clinical Sites have been opened

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The Partnership That Changed Cancer Care Access In The State of Louisiana

Virtual Research
Nurse Program

Cancer research is an ongoing effort, and we are excited to continue our partnership with the LSU Health New Orleans to fight this devastating disease. “In 2021 we were presented with an opportunity by LSU to partner with them and the Louisiana Cancer Research Center to supply seed funding for an innovative program that would change the face of cancer care here in the Gulf South Region and nationally,” said Al Copeland Jr. The Virtual Research Nurse Pilot Program (VRN) was launched at Memorial General Hospital in Gulf Port, Mississippi, and West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero, Louisiana. In July 2023, we committed $2 million to support LSU Health New Orleans Cancer Partnership Network over a ten-year term to expand, build, and support the newly formed program. Our partnership with LSU is a critical pillar for reducing the impact of cancer on the Gulf South Region.

Our partnership with LSU Health Sciences Center is a critical pillar of reducing cancer impact on Louisiana communities’ lives. The objective of this partnership is to support and expand an innovative, robust cancer program to benefit the cancer patients of Louisiana and the Gulf State Region.

Today, the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center oversees clinical sites throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. However, we know that we must do more to reach those patients who may not have access to critical cancer care. Through the VRN Pilot Program, we can address the shortage of clinical research workers in urban and rural hospitals to increase the participation of patients in clinical trials closer to their homes. This is a revolutionary program that aims to change the traditional approach of highly specialized doctors visiting far-reaching clinics by bringing research nursing support to physicians and clinical practices in urban and rural locations virtually.

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